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Chilli Jam Medley Gift Set

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Introducing Spicy Rye's Exquisite Chilli Jam Medley Gift Set – a vibrant assortment of our most delightful and unique chilli jams, masterfully crafted to enchant your taste buds with the perfect fusion of fruity sweetness and tantalizing heat. Perfect for gifting or treating yourself, this set includes:

  1. Tropical Chilli Jam: A luscious blend of exotic fruits and fiery chillies, delivering a taste of paradise with every bite.
  2. Raspberry Chilli Jam: A delightful fusion of juicy raspberries and spicy chillies, creating a perfect harmony of sweetness and heat.
  3. Strawberry Chilli Jam: A sumptuous mix of ripe strawberries and bold chillies, offering a captivating balance of fruity sweetness and peppery warmth.
  4. Habanero Chilli Jam: An intense combination of fruity habanero chillies and select spices, providing a sizzling kick of heat for the adventurous palate.
  5. Carolina Reaper Chilli Jam: A daring blend of scorching Carolina Reaper chillies and bold flavours, perfect for those who crave the ultimate heat sensation.
  6. Jalapeño Chilli Jam: A mouthwatering mix of zesty jalapeños and select spices, delivering a delightful touch of warmth with a hint of tang.

Discover the enchanting world of Spicy Rye's Exquisite Chilli Jam Medley Gift Set – your ultimate choice for adding a touch of sweet heat to your appetizers, dips, marinades, glazes, and condiments. Experience the mesmerising allure of Spicy Rye's chilli jams, and elevate your culinary creations with a splash of vibrant flavour.

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