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About Spicy Rye's


Spicy Rye's is a family-owned company steeped in the love of all things spicy. Founded by culinary enthusiast and hot sauce connoisseur Ryan "Rye" Nelson, who's been tantalising taste buds with his Original Hot Pepper Sauce since 2018.


Rye's love for spice began in his auntie's kitchen, where he learned that food is more than just sustenance; it's an expression of culture, love, and creativity. This love for flavour and heat became a passionate endeavour to create hot sauces that enhance every meal and unite people.


Spicy Rye's only uses the highest quality, all-natural ingredients, with no artificial preservatives or flavours. We source our ingredients ethically, supporting local farmers and sustainable practices. Each of our sauces is crafted with care, bringing you a burst of heat, flavour, and joy with every bite.


Our range of hot sauces, from the Original Hot Pepper Sauce to the ultra-spicy Very Hot Pepper Sauce Black Edition, caters to various palates. Our Heat Seekers Gift Set, a curated selection of our most popular sauces, embodies our commitment to exploring new frontiers of flavour and heat.


But we're more than just a hot sauce company. We're also a community. Our customers, affectionately known as our Heat Seekers, are at the heart of everything we do. From sharing exciting hot sauce games and challenges to swapping recipes and stories, we've built a vibrant, diverse community of spicy food lovers.


At Spicy Rye's, we're not just creating hot sauces; we're creating experiences. So we invite you to join us on this flavourful journey. 


Let's turn up the heat together!

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