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What We Do

What We Do 

At Spicy Rye's, we're passionate about heat, flavour, and fun. We're not just a hot sauce company - we're an experience. Our mission is to bring the joy of rich, tantalising flavours and the thrill of heat to kitchens, dining tables, and gatherings everywhere.


Our Products


We specialise in creating premium hot sauces that range from mild and flavourful to extremely hot. We use only the finest ingredients, sourced responsibly, to create sauces that are both fiery and packed with flavour. From our Original Hot Pepper Sauce, beloved for its well-rounded heat and tang, to our Ghost Pepper Sauce and Very Hot Pepper Sauce Black Edition, known for their extreme heat and depth of flavour, we offer a variety of sauces to cater to every palate.


Our Heat Seekers Gift Set


For those who love to explore different levels of heat and flavour, we've curated the Heat Seekers Gift Set. It includes four of our most popular sauces, making it a perfect gift for the spice enthusiast in your life or a fun way to sample our range of products.


Fun with Spice


But we don't stop at producing fantastic hot sauces. Food should be fun and interactive, which is why we also create and share unique, exciting games and challenges using our sauces. Whether it's a hot sauce trivia challenge or a hot sauce relay race, we love to bring people together through the shared experience of flavour and heat.


Community and Connection


We also value our connection with our customers and the broader spicy foods community. We're always ready to chat, answer questions, and provide tips on how to use our sauces. We love to hear from you, whether it's a tale of your latest hot sauce challenge, a new recipe you've discovered, or feedback on our products.


At Spicy Rye's, we're not just selling hot sauce - we're inviting you on a journey of fun, flavour, and heat. So, join us, and add a little spice to your life!


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