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What We Do

What We Do

A sauce is one of the purest expressions of flavour - it’s a uniform creation that packs, in some cases, dozens of incredible flavours, spices, fruits, and vegetables into a single bottle. At Spicy Rye's, we see that process as an invigorating challenge - a quest to find the very freshest produce, herbs, and more into each and every one of the sauces that bear our name. We’ve devoted the years since we first curiously lifted the lid of our stockpot to improve our satisfying sauces to making them better: bigger, bolder flavours and the very highest quality ingredients are “baked in” every step of the cooking process. 

The (Delicious) Road Less Traveled

The way we see things, every saucemaker has a choice when they’re creating their product line.

There’s the “easy way” - using heavily-processed vegetables and pastes, packing their mixes full of water, sugar, salt and fillers like xanthan gum and thickeners like modified maize starch, leaning on artificial colours and flavours to cover up shoddy quality, and going cheap to maximise profits. Go have a look at your go to sauce at the moment, What are the first 5 ingredients listed? 

Then there’s the “hard way” - and what we consider the right way - which consists of demanding the highest quality organic produce, the very best ingredients we can get our hands on and making sure every drop of sauce is one we can be proud to call our own. As you can imagine, this takes more time, effort, and cost, but when you first pour any of Spicy Rye's sauces on your favourite foods, we know you’ll agree: it’s definitely worth it.

Our Sauces, Your Talent

Each of our specialty sauces are designed to be versatile and exciting - we want to see you flex your culinary wings - or your chicken wings, for that matter - with a bottle of our sauce in hand. We’re ready to marinade, brush, coat, glaze, dip, and drizzle our way across any plate, and we’re grateful you are too. No matter what’s on the menu, we’re confident you’ll want to add one of our creations, made with whole hearty produce and junk-free ingredients, to the mix.


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