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An introduction to Spicy Rye's

An introduction to Spicy Rye's

Are you a spice lover and love to add different sauces to the foods that you have? Do you always look forward to making your food tastier and flavourful? If yes, then you will surely fall in love with our different flavoured sauces at Spicy Rye's.


The birth of Spicy Rye's

The journey of Spicy Rye's began in 2018 with humble beginnings from a home kitchen in Northwest London. We set out with the aim of providing people with sauces that were tasty, comprised of unique flavours, and were made from fresh ingredients.

To develop the sauces with the perfect taste, we decided to conduct market research of the sauces already available on the shelves in the market. After our research, we came to the conclusion that most of the sauces on the racks included filler ingredients that lacked taste, freshness, and value.

On that very day, we decided that our sauces would be based on fresh and natural ingredients instead of junk and unhealthy ingredients. Today, we can proudly say that every sauce bottle of Spicy Rye's is made from organic produce while maintaining the high quality and flavour of the sauces.

Spicy Rye's magic

As sauce makers, we have devoted our time and efforts to come up with the perfect recipes and incredible flavours for each of our sauces. We ensure that the quality is being met during the cooking process by using the very best ingredients and high-quality produce. Instead of using heavily processed vegetables or artificial flavours, we opt for fresh alternatives, whether spices, fruits, or vegetables. Once you taste one of our sauces with your favourite food, you'll definitely agree that our efforts are worth the time and cost.

Our products

1.     Sauces

With 10+ different flavours to choose from, we assure you that each of our sauces has been made with love and effort. Every sauce has its own unique taste: ghost pepper, spicy BBQ, original hot pepper, or mango pepper sauce. Each sauce is worth a shot and has different levels of spice according to your preferences and mood.

2.     Gift sets

Do you know a loved one who is crazy about trying out different flavoured sauces? Designed for that very purpose, our gift sets are a must-have for all sauce lovers out there. Our popular gift sets include a Sweet Heat Gift Set and a spicier combination, the Thrill of the Grill Gift Set.

3.     Honey and Coulis

If you're interested in some unique flavours other than the traditional sauces, then our honey and coulis sauces are worth a shot. These include different best-seller flavours such as Honey & Lemon Pepper Sauce, Hot Honey Pepper Sauce, and Mixed Berries & Gin Coulis.


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