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Spice Rye Is Stocked At The Covent Garden Fish Mongers

Spice Rye Is Stocked At The Covent Garden Fish Mongers

Fancy devouring a morsel of fresh fish fillet with an equally fresh sauce made up of organic produce, herbs, and amazing consistency? If your mouth waters at the name of sautéed tilapia, grilled salmon, or fried pomfrets, welcome to the club. Fish fillets are one of the rare foods that go year-round for seafood fanatics like us who like them fried, grilled, marinated, sautéed, or even raw (like Japanese preparation) paired with spices and invigoratingly flavoured sauces. That bite into its crisp skin and tender, juicy meat inside dipped in a lemony, buttery sauce is worth a thousand other dishes of the world!

Fish without sauce is like grilling without smoke

Fish can be eaten raw, bland, and without a sauce, but that’s a bummer. You and I know that the right type of sauce dripped on the fillet or seasoned into it lifts the dish into a complete gourmet seafood meal. Hundreds of sauces can accompany fish but choosing the ones exclusively made to make your special fish food better, you’ll have your guests fawning over your culinary skills, or you’ll find yourself returning over to the diner that served it.

To help you devour the sheer joy of consuming magical seafood with their soul-sauces, here’s a list racked up from experiences and reviews of sauces working like a violin in harmony with the melody to the fish for you to remember.

1.     Pan-fried salmon with watercress sauce

It is fried in a pan, takes on a crisp skin, and is heavenly to taste with a vibrant sauce made up of lemon, dill, crème fraiche, and capers. You can check more combinations of sauces, like lemon pepper sauce from Spice Rye to try it out with.

2.     Flaked cod and butter bean sauce

The perfect midweek meal to have with a rosemary parmesan crust on a flaky, baked cod. Serve it with butter bean, honey & lemon pepper, or mixed berries sauce to enjoy the magic!

3.     Bread plaice with herby sauce

Whip up your healthy dinner in just thirty minutes by coating a delicate plaice in breadcrumbs, some salad, and of course, the smoky BBQ or other herb-full sauces to elevate the easy-peasy dish for all.

There are numerous other recipes of fish and seafood that you can create and recreate with new types of sauces every time.

Get your share of prepared sauces from your favourite fishmongers

The Fishmongers Convent Garden, London, based in Turnham Green Terrace in Chiswick, is a well-established entity supplying a variety of seafood since 1982. They collect, prepare, and serve filleted fresh fish for customers from Tuesday to Saturday every week, ready to be cooked and savoured with a sauce. Speaking of which, Spice Rye – the committed, wholesale hot sauce organic makers in Northwest London – are now stocked at your favourite fishmongers for you to buy a complete package for a seafood-y weekend from the same place!

Prepared with organic herbs, vegetables, mixes, and pastes, the Spice Rye sauces are your ready-to-go sauce-makers to pair with a bland enough fish recipe and transform it to the next level. So, keep it in mind to purchase wholesale hot sauce or a couple of bottles this time you visit the Covent Garden, London, for your bucket of fresh fish for the week.

Call our team now on 07999481125 for more information. 

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